How to Buy Choffy

Choffy is a healthy and delicious drink for anytime of year. Choffy really is “brewed chocolate” where you get all the health benefits of chocolate, the satisfying taste of chocolate, but without all the calories and sugar of traditional hot chocolate.

You can purchase Choffy online, but the best way is to become a distributor. This makes Choffy not only a healthy drink for you and your family, but also a great business opportunity. Choffy isn’t sold in retail stores, but rather through distributors (like me). Eventually you’ll have friends and other people you meet also buying Choffy and what ends up happening is their sales pay for your own Choffy purchases, and then some!

Becoming a distributor is simple, just sign up here and put in the sponsor ID of “10265”.

Learn more about the compensation plan for distributors at

Looking for Choffy outside the US, like in Australia, Canada, or Europe? Email me for details!

10 Responses to How to Buy Choffy

  1. Jill says:

    Is it to late to get in on a free sample? Read about this on a craftblog(whippleberry)..sounds amazing :) Would love to try it!!! (have an un-opened french press that I haven’t known what to do with) :)

  2. Michelle Murphy says:

    Would love to try a sample of this as well before deciding on being a distributor. It sounds amazing and if it is as good as it sounds, I believe I could definitely sell it!

  3. Lisa says:

    I would love to try but I don’t have a french press. Can you brew like regular coffee?

  4. Lauren Glaser says:

    I just learned about Choffy from HungryGirl and would LOVE to try a free sample! My husband just let me buy an AWESOME French Press for our 35th anniversary, it makes the Best Ever coffee, and it would be Fantastic to receive a Free sample of your product! Hope its still available!

    Thank you!


  5. Diane Tilson says:

    Would love to try a sample or the small size but the only one I see is the one for $36. How to I get the small sample for $15? Thanks And, can I brew it in a regular coffee maker?

  6. Lucy Waldenstrom says:

    Just saw choffy on Better Connection. Looks good but where can I sample this before buying it.
    My daughters,friends and I always have coffee time but as some of us age coffee bothers some. I would love to find and introduce them to something new.

    Look forward to hearing from you

  7. Cassandra chidiac says:

    Where can we get a sample and purchase some Coffey , just saw it on Dr Oz
    Thank you

  8. marina Watson says:

    Is there a distributor in sydney australia,
    Can I get in touch please by receiving phone no: or email address.
    thanks marina watson

  9. Amanda says:

    Hi there, I just watched the Dr.Oz show this afternoon in Geelong ,Australia
    It had a segment on “Choffy” it sounds really interesting but my only problem is is that where can I purchase some from as I noticed its only sold in the US?
    If you could send me the link to order that would be great!
    Thanks :)

  10. Justin says:

    Can you get Choffy in Australia?
    Any chance of getting a sample downunder.
    Ellen is coming, she can drop it round.

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