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If you have tried Choffy we’d love to hear from you! Please add your own Choffy Review in the comments. Include how you like to drink it, and any tips you might have. I’ll be adding a few reviews below from friends and family so we have a good start, along with my own review!

“Choffy is my lifesaver for keeping my sweet tooth in check. Instead of going for the candy stash or ice cream, I reach for some Choffy. Not only does it satisfy but it’s good for me! I love sharing Choffy because it is a unique drink but one that everyone enjoys. I’m so glad I have Choffy, it’s on the list of my favorite things!” – Michael Jensen

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2 Responses to Choffy Reviews

  1. Andi Sherwood says:

    I love how Choffy can be as sweet or as bitter as you want. It appeals to a wide variety of people. I have found that when I first started drinking it, I liked it really sweet (I would add four packets of sweetener!) but as time has gone on, I have found that I don’t need the sweetener like I did before. I suppose you could say I have acquired a taste for the more dark chocolate bitterness (not too bitter, mind you) which also, thankfully, makes it even MORE healthy for me.

    Like Michael, I use it to curb my sweet tooth. It’s amazing how well it works! It also helps me focus on my day and gives me energy without making me bounce off the walls or need a nap later. I love that.

    It’s been a lot of fun to review and try your recipes. Thank you, Michael! :)

  2. Ess says:

    Not only do I love how Choffy tastes, but it literally lifts my mood and gives me endurance during the day. It has become my favorite treat, curbing my sweet tooth as it does for you, Michael. In fact, Choffy is most likely my favorite food!

    I have now become a chocolate “snob” and would MUCH rather have a mug full of Choffy than eat a piece of chocolate candy any day! Choffy is so versatile that I can change the flavors around whenever I feel like trying something new, adding a dash of pure peppermint oil during the brewing process, for example. Mmmmm!

    I love visiting your blog to find even more successful ideas on how to creatively use my Choffy. Thank you! 😉

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