Can You Buy Choffy in Stores?

Can you buy Choffy at your local grocery store? Don’t be disappointed by my answer just yet, it’s all for good reason!

Choffy is a unique beverage. Besides being tasty and healthy and all that good stuff, it does have a slight learning curve to making it. It’s not just some powder you throw in a cup, add some liquid, and stir around! The best way to learn Choffy is to watch someone else make it, or have someone walk you through it. For this reason, Choffy is sold through “distributors”, so everyone has someone to rely on to know how to make it and get some good tips on making delicious Choffy.

But just because you buy it through a distributor doesn’t mean you have to bug someone every time you want Choffy. The best way is to become a distributor yourself, order it online and get a discount, and then when you share it with others you can start getting commissions from others enjoying Choffy too! It’s really a win win all the way around! To sign up as a distributor, just visit

We are giving away a free sample of Choffy if you’d like to try it out for yourself!

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One Response to Can You Buy Choffy in Stores?

  1. Nan Ahlstrom says:

    I am wanting to try Choffy …..NOW….how can I find a distributer near me? I am leaving for the weekend and want to take some with me, don’t want to wait for it to be delivered.

    Who is selling Choffy near Layton, Utah?


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