Introducing VOLTA and VOLTA Dark – New Choffy Flavors that I like to call “Ski Lodge Hot Chocolate Choffy”


If you already have a favorite Choffy flavor, be ready to switch! Introducing Volta, Choffy’s newest flavor from Ghanaian cacao beans that I like to describe as tasting like “Ski Lodge Hot Chocolate”. It’s simply amazing. A few months ago I had the privilege of tasting Volta before it was announced (I’ve got connections!), and of course I have been dying to have it every day since! There are two roasts available, I’m always more inclined to the Dark version so that’s what I just ordered!

Don’t be shy and order yourself a bag (or two) of Volta or Volta Dark and be ready for a new favorite! This limited edition, premium Ghanaian Choffy is only $16.50.

Also remember that Choffy makes one spectacular present for Christmas and the holidays! The new Tumbler presses are amazing too, and a perfect gift bundle with a bag of Choffy!

Did you know that different Choffy flavors aren’t from any added ingredients? Cacao beans have different taste tones due to the soil and climate they are grown in. Each Choffy flavor is named after the origin of its location. Volta comes from the “Volta Region” in Ghana, where Choffy has found premium cacao beans with a rich, amazing taste.

Order Volta Choffy Today!

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Eat, Drink Choffy, and Be Scary

111574Happy Halloween from! While the kids work on seeing how many snickers they can fit in their mouth, brew yourself some healthy chocolate with Choffy!

Never tried it? Now is a great time to order Choffy!

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Brain Health and Choffy

640_HOTCHOCOLATEA study published by the American Academy of Neurology shows a link between brain health and the effects of cocoa. The study used hot cocoa (comparatively Choffy is much more potent because it is less processed) and found an increase in blood flow in the brain that improved cognitive performance in patients with already impaired blood flow.

Researchers weren’t ready to say what component of the cocoa led to these effects but based on the research it is thought to be attributed to the flavanols, the family of antioxidants found in cacao beans (and thus Choffy).

What does this mean for you? While improvement was only seen in patients with impaired blood flow, the authors of an editorial in the same journal said that in the future “regular cocoa consumption may be a strategy to minimize (perhaps even reverse) cerebral vascular pathology in neurodegenerative disorders, regardless of its flavanol content”.

My observations… drink Choffy! :)

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Buying Choffy in Australia, Canada, and Europe

Recently, Choffy was featured on Dr. Oz in Australia and we have many inquiries regarding receiving Choffy in Australia. If you would like to be notified when Choffy is available in Australia, please email me at and I will add you to the notification list (no spam, don’t worry).

Choffy is quickly expanding to the worldwide market, and is currently available in the US and Mexico. We are hopeful that soon you can order Choffy from other countries including Australia, Canada, and from European countries. Thank you!

UPDATE 8/2013: We were very hopeful to get Choffy to other parts of the world but are still waiting! Thanks for your patience, we’re not sure if it will happen anytime soon but we will be the first to let you know when it is available in your country!

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Coffee Substitute? Chocolate Substitute? Get your Chocolate Fix and Morning Fix with Choffy

coffee substitute chocolate substituteI meet people every day that are trying to move away from their daily fix of coffee, looking for a coffee substitute. With all the extra chemicals and crash that comes along with it, it’s a smart move. But as with anything, it’s easier to stop something by replacing it with something better. Enter Choffy, a delicious coffee substitute made from 100% cacao beans (that’s chocolate! and no extra chemicals!) and no crash (Theobromine instead of Caffeine).

I also meet a lot of people that LOVE chocolate, but get into a predicament when they are trying to avoid sweets and treats but still want to get that chocolate fix! Enter Choffy! Forget looking for a chocolate substitute! Choffy IS chocolate, but instead of being super processed, Choffy gives you all the benefits of a superfruit, the cacao bean (antioxidants, theobromine, etc). Some drink it without anything added, and that’s only 20 calories! Most drink it with a little creamer, which puts you at 50-80 calories per serving, making Choffy a fantastic way to get that chocolate fix and appease that sweet tooth!

Choffy was featured on a special episode of “The Doctors” today called “How Eight May Help You Lose Weight”! Here’s the segment:

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Choffy Featured on “The Doctors” segment How Eight May Help You Lose Weight

Choffy will be featured on a special episode of “The Doctors” called “How Eight May Help You Lose Weight”! You can read about it here at “The Doctors” website or watch the segment below!

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Choffy Featured on Today Show! Health Trends of 2013

Choffy (brewed chocolate) was featured on the “Today” show as a segment on Health and Fitness Trends of 2013. Choffy is a healthy, clean food option with one simple ingredient, 100% cacao beans, and it’s naturally loaded with flavanols (antioxidants).

You can watch the video here:

Choffy featured on Today Show - Healthy Trends of 2013

Choffy featured on Today Show – Healthy Trends of 2013

And view Choffy’s post about the Today Show coverage here.

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IC Dark Choffy, a New Choffy Favorite

Choffy fans have a new friend and favorite…IC Dark Choffy! This flavor is smooth and dark, and really you won’t believe how good it is until you try it!

Order IC Dark Choffy today!

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Real Choffy is not Sold on Amazon!

If you’re like me you use Amazon like your own personal shopping store. However, not everything is on Amazon, and that includes Choffy. Choffy is sold online ONLY at and is also available through local distributors. If you search for Choffy on Amazon you will find “Crio Bru”, which I suggest you avoid and don’t waste your money. CHOFFY is 100% the real deal when it comes to brewed chocolate! There is no substitute!

I’ve tried all their different varieties and NONE of them even comes close to the richness of Choffy. Crio Bru is bland and lacks flavor and richness. I even experimented making both the exact same way, Choffy wins out in every way. Don’t waste your money on Crio Bru, and buy the real thing at!

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Choffy, 100% Super Fruit

A study published in Chemistry Central Journal in 2011 compared several fruit powders and fruit products, including cacao beans (sole ingredient of Choffy) to compare antioxidant activity and total antioxidants.

The study compared Acai, Blueberry, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Cocoa Beverage, and Dark Chocolate. Choffy is most comparable to the “Dark Chocolate” as the cocoa beverage used in the study is from cocoa powder which is alkalized, reducing its antioxidant activity. If you look at Figure 2 in the study and compare the “Choc” group (Dark Chocolate, which is equivalent to Choffy) to the others, the “Choc” group has total antioxidants 2-5X as much as the others, and its antioxidant activity level is nearly double all the others including a well-known superfruit, Acai.

This makes Choffy and its sole ingredient, cacao beans, one of the most potent super fruits available! What are you waiting for? Try some Choffy today!

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